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Robots Que Venden Yogurt

Source: Puerto Rico Newspaper

Robotic Kiosks as the alternative business in the island Innovators of robotic kiosks, that sell diverse flavors of frozen yogurt promise to be a sensation in the commercial centers of the island and other high traffic areas.

Specialty Retail Report: Robo Revolution by Keith Loria (Summer 2014)

Capitalizing on the fro-yo craze, this self-serve machine dispenses the sweet treat through use of a robotic arm. Yes, you have heard of frozen yogurt—but have you been served the cool treat by a robot? This is exactly what Allan Jones, CEO of Robofusion in Charleston SC, is looking to achieve with a frozen yogurt kiosk that is set to revolutionize the already thriving industry.

Robofusion Brings the Wow Factor to TESCO and Woodman’s Markets

“There’s such a growing trend toward self-service today,” says Jones. “We took this to heart in our kiosks and brought the WOW factor to the delivery and customer experience of frozen yogurt. I still can’t get enough of these machines. The way people’s eyes light up when they see it never gets old.”