197930_23Robofusion Executes Licensing Agreement with Fresh Healthy Vending (stock symbol; VEND), Leader in Fresh and Healthy Vending and Micro-Markets Robofusion, Inc. announced today a licensing agreement with Fresh Healthy Vending for the United States and its territories (excluding Puerto Rico) and Canada. The agreement names Fresh Healthy Vending (VEND) as the exclusive franchisor to third parties through franchise agreements as well as a seller to purchasers who will self-operate the Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt vending kiosks.

The innovative Robofusion “Reis and Irvy’s” robotic frozen yogurt CUBE is the only one of its kind, unmanned, highly visual “robot” that dispenses frozen yogurt in nine flavors with six possible toppings at a rate of up to 60 servings of frozen yogurt per hour. A 3’ x 4’ kiosk on wheels, the Reis & Irvy’s CUBE combines mobility with economy of scale, optimizing profit margin per-square.

“We are extremely happy to have identified the Reis and Irvy’s CUBE as our next franchise concept offering as the model requires the same systems and expertise already in place at Fresh Healthy Vending.” Said Fresh Healthy Vending Chairman Nick Yates. “Many of the 240 operational franchisees we already cater to are looking for an opportunity to expand their current offerings and utilize the time spent operating their respective franchises for additional profits. This kiosk is a hit for all ages – combining innovative technology, a high-demand product and interactive experience.”

“Fresh Healthy Vending was an obvious choice for Robofusion”s broad expansion in the franchise market.”
Said Allan Jones, CEO of Robofusion. “Fresh Healthy Vending has 240 franchisees in place and is adding more daily. A new product for these operators via the Fresh Healthy Vending system is a win for all.”

For more information on Robofusion and the innovative kiosks it develops, visit www.robofusion.com or call +1 888-974-4442.


About Robofusion
Robofusion in a Charleston, SC based company that develops, patents and markets robotic frozen yogurt and ice cream kiosks globally. Their newest product, the Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt CUBE, is a fully automated frozen yogurt min-store with 9 flavors of frozen yogurt and 6 toppings to choose from. Customers can blend or layer up to 3 flavors of frozen yogurt and optionally add toppings.

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