Source: Puerto Rico Newspaper

Kioscos roboticos como alternativa de negocio en la Isla.

Robotic Kiosks as the alternative business in the island Innovators of robotic kiosks, that sell diverse flavors of frozen yogurt promise to be a sensation in the commercial centers of the island and other high traffic areas.

Already in the US, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, London, Kuwait, Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, they are coming to the island under the name of Robofusion PR.

Robofusion PR counts on 3 models of the “mini store” (kiosks) automated, and designed for high traffic areas.

All the robots (mini stores) operate 24/7 without the need for employees or with a little help to refill, which takes just a few minutes.

The “mini stores” accept cash and credit/debit cards with sales monitoring over the internet. The cost of a full treat including the cup and spoon is $1 and a sales price of $3.50 (250% markup) Robofusion PR offers “sub-licensees” for 7 regions, of the 8 on the island, as the region for San Juan is already sold. The purchase of a license allows the owner to develop the region.

Furthermore, they will receive administrative and operational training as well as technical support. For more information visit