July 9, 2014—Every time eager shoppers step into a grocery store, they’re bombarded with health-ridden thoughts such as: Tasty or nutritious? Treat or whole wheat? Sugarize the kids or search for something wholesome?

So we at Robofusion put on our capes, took an energizing chomp of our super yummy, non-fat frozen yogurt and dashed to help these shoppers out.

We connected with grocery giants TESCO and Woodman’s Markets, sent out our kiosk-installing super fairies and created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that’s tasty, healthy, lightening quick and has left TESCO and Woodman’s Markets shoppers feeling that thank-you-for-exceeding-my-expectations sentiment that all thriving businesses share.

“We all have memories of a favorite grocery store or a place we loved to go with mom or dad,” says Allan Jones, Robofusion CEO. “But why? Where did the nostalgia start? The answer is with fun. With a treat. That’s what our kiosks are bringing to TESCO and Woodman’s Markets.”

With frozen yogurt kiosks in 13 countries and counting, placed in venues ranging from grocery stores to indoor water parks, high schools to banks, and malls to trampoline parks, it appears that the future of fast, fun, and lucrative frozen yogurt has arrived.

“There’s such a growing trend toward self-service today,” says Jones. “We took this to heart in our kiosks and brought the WOW factor to the delivery and customer experience of frozen yogurt. I still can’t get enough of these machines. The way people’s eyes light up when they see it never gets old.”